Slimline validation system

The Slimline validation system consists of a small base unit (165x105x55 mm) and a compact feedthrough assembly with up to 8 thermocouples and a pressure sensor, which quickly realizes a reliable connection with a (small) sterilizer or directly through the door seal in a washer/thermal disinfector.

The system is USB powered from a laptop PC and is controlled using the well known ValidR validation software with an integrated setup of (inter) national standards, validation protocols and reports. In contrast to the complete autoclave validation system the Slimline system is not integrated with a fixed oven, but the thermocouple calibration can be performed with a calibration oven at your own choice; there for the ValidR software contains special procedures to calibrate thermocouples with other types of ovens.



Important advantage: Slimline is mobile!

All components, including a laptop PC are stowed safely in a sturdy attaché case, immediately available for use.

The ValidR software provides unchanged all the features needed for complete validation measurements and reports. The compact Slimline hardware implementation, however, makes the system extremely mobile. After a one-time calibration, the system can be deployed repeatedly and efficiently.

And 8 thermocouples are adequate to measure a whole range of (smaller) equipment.

Download the Slimline brochure.