Integrated validation systems

The Integrated autoclave validation systems IAVS-M2 and (possibly in the 'portable' version IAVS-M2p) equipped with the ValidR validation and reporting software are the top models of our range of standardized  validation systems.

The systems are used for: 

  • technical measurements on sterilizers and washer/disinfectors; 
  • Validation of steam, hot water and hot air sterilizers for health care products, with the European standards EN17665, EN13060 EN285/EN554 as a starting point, or the national guidelines accordingly: 
    • in the Dutch guidelines on Sterilization and Sterility; 
    • in the German DGKH recommendations;
  • Validation of washer/disinfectors (including the instrument washing machines of the CSSD, and washing machines for human waste containers and endoscopes) according to the EN15883 standard.


The most prominent features of the ValidR / IAVS-M2 (p) system are:

  1. The short preparation time of the measurement system. Thanks to the integrated structure of all system components and wiring the equipment to connected easily and quickly operational.

  2. Easy to connect thermocouples through a single connector, so no hassle with loose wires and connectors. With this thermocouple sets for different applications such as hot water sterilizers or washer/disinfectors can be quickly exchanged. Furthermore, individual couples are easily recognized through a unique color coding.

  3. By means of the integrated metal block oven the procedure for the calibration of thermocouples can be fully automated, ifdesired, even at an unmanned preset moment. The calibration data is stored and possibly defective elements are reported. Protocols can be defined with up to 10 free to choose calibration temperatures.

  4. Thanks to the stable pressure and temperature sensors a high measuring accuracy can be guaranteed long time.

  5. The software user interface enables intuitively use by each validation technician. The protocols give clear instructions and comments and findings can immediately be added to the results.

  6. The protocols provide uniform measurement procedures to enable routine measurement. Reuse of protocols and system settings ensure good reproducibility.

  7. During the measurement, the measured data is continuously evaluated against the relevant validation standards. The measurements are graphically and numerically displayed on the screen. Not only current situations are reported, but the whole process status remains visible. The zoom function of the chart displays the smallest details.

  8. ValidR contains a unique report generator. Partial measurement reports and a compilation of the full report of a validation session are available on a single mouse click.

  9. The reports contain complete and concise charts with enlargements and border lines on the standard criteria. Key measurement and calibration values are added in tabular form, as well as the description of the
    executed protocol, so the combination of process and validation result is always identified.

  10. All measurements can separately be printed in tabular form or exported in ASCII format for more detailed analysis.

  11. Complete system maintenance is offered including necessary calibrations and software upgrades to assure that validations are always performed according to the most recent standards and criteria.
           ValidR / IAVS-M2 for sure
               thé right combination
               for quick and reliable
            thermometric validations