Catch-T Temperature measurement

Profession more than once goes with complex things and technical detail. Related to equipment this often translates in numerous applications, system settings and a load of manuals. It may cost a thing or two, be broadly applicable and offer a variety of connections - but nevertheless - real professionalism does not need to be complex.

Just simple and good should preferably go together. Or to put it another way: the more difficult the measurement problem, the simpler we should be able to handle it.... Because a difficult measurement problem may very well be solved easily.



With Catch Richmond introduces simplicity in a professional measurement instrument. Thank to our knowledge of measurement technology and electronic design, we are capable of realizing a measuring concept that combines accuracy with compact handling.

Utmost precision in the turn of a hand

Due to its precise design the Catch measurement concept is ideally suited for environments where utmost precision and stability is required; like in laboratories for chemical or medical-scientific research or with process analysis and control systems. Furthermore it is an excellent reference device for certification and calibration means. The Catch-concept can be equipped with a variety of sensors.

Catch T is the utmost accurate temperature probe from this new measurement concept that distinguishes itself by:

  • a measuring accuracy of 0.05 ºC and a resolution of 0.01 ºC; this is twice as accurate as the present standards in this field.
  • a wide measuring range of -30ºC to +225 ºC, within which full accuracy is guaranteed.
  • battery powered and thus very mobile with longevity of more than 30 hours;
  • equipped with a "Low-Battery" indicator and a mains adapter connection.
  • handy and robust design with probe implementation at choice (fixed/wired).


Catch-T is the temperature measurement version of the Richmond Catch-concept. At the centre of the design is a pT500 sensor with a 24-bit A/D-converter and a microprocessor controlled linearity featuring highly accurate and stable temperature measurements.

Technical data

Sensor type





Measuring range

Operating temperature

Measurement cycle

Serial interface



Battery load
(also during operation)

LCD Backlight



pT500, 1/3 DIN class B, DIN IEC 754

- Probe (Ø 6 mm stainless steel) fixed assembly
- Probe and cable fixed assembly 
- Probe and cable and Lemo-connector assembly 
(Probe- and cable lengths at choice)

0.01 ºC

±0.05 ºC

-30 … +225 ºC

0 ... +45 ºC (electronics); < 150 ºC (probe-cable seal)

< 1 sec.

RS-232-C optical connection; Rx, Tx, DTR(+), RTS(-)

3 x NI-MH type AAA (1.2V/700mAh)

- 35 hour (without backlight)
- about 30 min. after "Low-Battery" message in LCD

- DC Input 6V
- Load indicator LED colors form red (empty) to green (full) and green flashing (trickle charging)

Press and hold On/Off switch > 2 sec.

Anodized aluminum; 162x35x28mm; 240 gr.(incl. batteries)

3 x NI-MH batteries; RS232-cable; mains adapter