Validation of sterilization and disinfection processes

the sure evidence of clean and sterile instruments

ValidR Software

Validation and reporting

About Richmond

Richmond BV (originally founded in 1971) designs and produces electronic systems and services for automated process control and validation. From its electronics engineering background Richmond was one of the first adopters of microprocessors and computers in this field. From that origin full hardware and software competencies have been developed in the management, control and validation of high-tech processes. 

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Integrated validation systems

The Integrated autoclave validation systems IAVS-M2 and (possibly in the 'portable' version IAVS-M2p) equipped with the ValidR validation and reporting software are the top models of our range of standardized  validation systems.

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Specifications and components

The central TSA2 is a stand-alone, general-purpose thermocouple scanner / amplifier / AD converter, which can be expanded in various ways. The most well known use is in the IAVS-M2 systems (see below for details), which provides the interface between the measuring sensors and the software in a (portable) computer, which registers and records the measurements in charts and tables.

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Slimline validation system

The Slimline validation system consists of a small base unit (165x105x55 mm) and a compact feedthrough assembly with up to 8 thermocouples and a pressure sensor, which quickly realizes a reliable connection with a (small) sterilizer or directly through the door seal in a washer/thermal disinfector.

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Catch-T Temperature measurement

Profession more than once goes with complex things and technical detail. Related to equipment this often translates in numerous applications, system settings and a load of manuals. It may cost a thing or two, be broadly applicable and offer a variety of connections - but nevertheless - real professionalism does not need to be complex.

Just simple and good should preferably go together. Or to put it another way: the more difficult the measurement problem, the simpler we should be able to handle it.... Because a difficult measurement problem may very well be solved easily.

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ValidR software

The ValidR software manages a combination of various disciplines and activities. Built on our IAVS-M2 measurement equipment, ValidR guides you simply through the entire validation process: 

  • Management of validation and reporting protocols 
  • Design of a validation plan, the basis for the measurements and the final report 
  • Direction and guidance in performing the measurements 
  • Automatic generation of partial and final reports.

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