About Richmond

Richmond BV (originally founded in 1971) designs and produces electronic systems and services for automated process control and validation. From its electronics engineering background Richmond was one of the first adopters of microprocessors and computers in this field. From that origin full hardware and software competencies have been developed in the management, control and validation of high-tech processes. 

The management of automated processes, including manual operations around it, is very important for our customers in order to fullfill their quality policy: the main theme there is to ensure qualitatively that their technical processes are functioning correctly. In close cooperation with our customers. Therefore projects are designed and implemented with the primary purpose to support their need for process control and related quality assurance using our automated systems. This focus on quality support to our customers is also reflected in our personal work experience and interests.

Healthcare and manufacturing industries are our key market sectors. Richmond provides control and validation measurement equipment for sterilization and disinfection processes and automated control systems to support the preparation of medicines. For industrial customers for example, we develop specific measurement systems and robotics. Our systems are often characterized by the specific measurement of process variables such as temperature, pressure or weight, where appropriate sensors and electronics hardware is developed and the software-based processing of sensor data using embedded processors and desktop applications. Software, which in particular monitors process quality (so eg. with integrated European standards on sterilization processes) and which, of course also determines the usability (user interface).
In providing sterilization validation systems Richmond is market leader in the Netherlands; our products also find their way into Europe, particularly the German-speaking and Scandinavian countries.
Richmond is ISO-9001 certified byTÜV-Nederland.

Richmond has gained a long standing dependable name among its customers and with them we continually seek for niche solutions in process and quality improvements.

'To Make Sure' Richmond chooses for the main quality themes of its customers;
'To Make Sure' that customers also choose for Richmond.